Social Media Vs Reality

How I think I look on a walk VS how I actually look on a walk!

Your daily dose of REALITY 🔥

I just want to remind you that how you look on your walk (or in your daily life) will not affect how much you enjoy your walk ❤️ Or the quality of your life.

When we hold so much value in our appearance we forget we are SO MUCH MORE THAN HOW WE LOOK, what we wear and how our bodies look!

I know I can’t be the only one who gets dressed for their walk looks in the mirror and says, how do other girls look cute going for a walk?

It can make you feel less worthy, low self esteem and other thoughts that are damaging for our mental health .

So when you see a girl looking like this on her walk, remember you don’t know what she’s going through, what her life is like or if she is happier ? She may be ? But she may not.

Society has taught us that slim & attractive = successful and happy .

When in reality this is not the case. (Again i'm not saying that if you are slim and attractive doesn’t mean you can be happy obviously!) but i am saying that it doesn’t equate to happiness.

Happiness is an inside job. ☀️

We are all on our own journeys ! ❤️

Less comparison , more SELF LOVE, SELF ENQUIRY & COMPASSION ❤️🙌🏽

It takes time to unlearn all the things that society to us about our bodies and our appearance.

Even now I still get little triggers in my head so just wanted to share this to remind you.

We are all beautiful inside and out.

We are all worthy of happiness, love, success and so much more ❤️

Our worth should never be dictated by our appearance ❤️

If you need help with working on these area's please feel free to reach out.

Drop a comment below if you agree 👇🏼

Katie ❤️

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