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She Can Influence

A thriving & supportive community for Women who want to make a positive impact on social media

She Can Influence was created as a safe space for Women to come together to support each other on achieving their dreams!

My mission is to help support women to create & grow an online business.


Whether you want to grow a social media following, or you already have one and don't know how to make money from it?
You need help starting out? Landing Brand collaborations?
You need help with content creation?

Maybe you need help with your confidence?
Are you are lacking Idea's or Strategy? 
or perhaps you just haven't found your TRIBE yet?

A group of women who cheer you on and support your ideas and dreams?


WELCOME: She Can Influence Club

SHE CAN INFLUENCE CLUB is a community of strong women who are here to empower & uplift each other to reach their full potential.

You realise that you have a gift to share with the world and now is the time to share it! 




She Can Influence Club

What is the She Can Influence Club?

  • 4 X training videos per month (Including 1 LIVE training where you can ask me questions live! Based on our 4 Pillars : 
    Growth, Mindset, Content Creation & Monetisation


  • Downloadable Action plans from each training to take action on what you learn each week and get results!

  • 24 Hr Access to a community of women, helping each other and supporting each other!

     And so much more!